story Centuries of History

Breda of Piave is located northeast of Treviso and probably takes its name from the latin word “Praedia“, which refers to the farms granted to veteran soldiers discharged from the Imperial Roman army as thanks for their service.

The structure on which Ca’ del Gelso has risen can be traced to land registries dating from Napoleonic times and so, consequently, it dates back to approximately year 1800. The complex has been restored with respect to the ancient traditions of country achitecture.

Palla di cannone “The Cannon Ball”

During restoration, still lodged in one of the perimeter walls, a cannon ball was discovered by laborers.  Although there is no evidence, it may be supposed that it originates from one of the battles fought in this area during the First World War. On the 24th of November 1917 the battle of Caporetto was fought against the Austrians only a few kilometers away and was followed by a bloody retreat of the Italian army across the Piave. The cannon ball has been conserved and is on display in the lobby of Ca’ del Gelso.

“The Fountain”

Another point of interest at Ca’ del Gelso is seen in the fountain adjacent to the main building that provides drinking water supplied by natural underground sources.  The water resources of the area (small streams, springs and canals) are very rich and are well adapted to the various types of cultivation seen on the grounds of the farm.